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Residential Extension & Garage - Pembrokeshire National Park

BlueWe embarked on a two-phase project to extend our client's hill-top arts and crafts home within this famous Welsh National Park.

The first phase saw the remodelling of the property's vehicular access and construction of a detached garage to provide our clients with improved parking and workshop facilities. 

The second phase is still under construction and includes a single-storey extension - complete with a contemporary kitchen, WC and utility areas - to create a new entrance courtyard with a prominent front entrance to the house.


"Extending our home was a big decision and living within the National Park we needed to be sure the proposed solution would be right on all levels. 

"Luckily TDArchitect interpreted our requirements accurately and provided a design solution which achieved planning approval without any onerous conditions.

"Passers by have even told tell us how well it all blends in with the house and how it looks as if it was built at the same time - which is what we wanted from the outset.

"We also have all the benefit of the modern specification making the garage comfortably big enough - not only for a car - but also for a lot of extra storage space.

"We have no hesitation in recommending TD Architect to anyone."